Dear Colleagues, here is a FAQ spot for the planning of your travel

 • Where is the nearest airport? 

Please check for Frankfurt am Main Airport, which is near to Frankfurt/Main - located in the middle of Germany. Please make sure, that you travel to Frankfurt /MAIN Airport (Main is the name of the river) It is definitely recommended to have a trip to Frankfurt/Main after the conference. On our webpage, you find a ppp on the Philipps University of Marburg, so you have a first impression of the city and venues.

• How and where to book my hotel? 

There are nice historical and very characteristic medieval hotels at the old marketplace, which is near to the old university, where the conference will take place. Another option is a nice hotel nearby called the „Welcome Hotel“ which is also very close to our locations and has a good standard. If you check the list of hotels, you will also find a high budget one, which is the „Marburger Hof“. From this one you have a little longer to our venues but no more than 10 min.

• Is there easy transport from the nearest airport to the centre of Marburg? 

Marburg is located about 80 km from Frankfurt / Main Airport. You can easily travel by train in about  one hour travel. The German Railway "Deutsche Bundesbahn" DB can be found in the Internet, where you can check train schedules and book e-tickets. Please don´t hesitate to ask, if there is anything we can do to help.

• Where exactly is the conference taking place? 

The conference will be taking place near to the old building of the "old university", which is in the city centre of Marburg. Our plenary sessions of the conference will be in the assembly hall of the Old University. The Fora will be held nearby in the House of the Landgrave and the Lecture Hall building. Please check our website, where you will find some pictures and a map. Of course we will provide more information at the conference.

• Is there an outline schedule for the program? 

In total we will have 8 parallel fora - 5 in German and 3 in English. You will find an online version in the program section of this page.

 • At what time on the 28th will the conference be starting and at what time on the 1st will it finish? 

The conference will start at 12.00h the 28th of February, which is a Thursday. We will start with a Plenary Session for opening the Conference and with a first keynote. After that, the parallel fora will start. Thursday afternoon, the first four presentations of each forum will be taking place in the House of the Landgrave and the Lecture Hall. In the evening, there will be a dinner buffet in the old assembly halls. Friday morning, March 1rst, we start at 9.00h with a plenary keynote, followed by the last three contributions in the fora. After that, we will have a joint lunch break and a poster-session. In the afternoon, there will be a last plenary keynote and then a finalizing session and goodbye at 16.30h. Please see the flyer for an overview and the program for detailed information.

• How can I participate in the historical walk Friday afternoon? 

The University of Marburg is the oldest protestant university in Germany, founded in 1527, so the place is quite medivial - and traditionally small - the university is the city and the city is the university. Of course, there is a castle and a small river in midst of the hills, where many fairy tales have been told – and written by the Brothers Grimm, some of you might know. As it is a nice medivial place to visit, we would like to invite you to the sight- seeing walk on Friday afternoon with a guided tour. Please let us know, if you want participate in the city walk. Don´t hesitate to ask more questions - we will be happy to answer them and have you with us!

All the best

Your conference organizing team!